Monday, 16 January 2012

Learn SEO Today

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Different people have websites for different reasons. For some people having a website is simply a hobby. For other people a website is a means to do business and to generate an income. While anyone can benefit from what’s being offered here, this resource was created explicitly for people who are using websites to do business.

In other words, this is about making money.

Let’s take a quick step back. People who create websites solely to make money are nearly certain to fail. The motivation for creating a website, at least partially, must be to share outstanding ideas or products with others. Now there can always be debate about what qualifies as outstanding, but the motivation to create it has to be present. Once it is present, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to be profitable in providing it.

It’s called making a living.

Quick — What’s the one thing any commercial website cannot succeed without? Answer — Visitors. If a website does not generate a flow of visitors, and a regular flow of visitors typically, the website will have no source of revenue. Visitors to a website equals sales, which equals revenue, which means money. No visitors to a website means, for all intents and purposes, no website.

Bye bye, baby.

You want website visitors. You need website visitors. And a great way — the best way — to get website visitors is through the search engines. But you won’t get visitors through the search engines unless your website has a high search engine ranking.


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