Wednesday, 28 March 2012

FREE Article Marketing Guide PLUS Link Building Tips

FREE Article Marketing Guide PLUS Link Building Tips

Article marketing is NOT dead.  
Yes, the article directories took a real hit after the Panda update because they were labeled as content farms, but here's the big picture:
Article marketing was never about getting links from the directories.
This is what those claiming article marketing as a dead practice simply do not understand.  The real strategy behind article marketing for SEO has always been to submit your content to directories in order to get it syndicated to other non-directory websites for better backlinks.  This leaves one big question:
How do you ensure that your articles will be syndicated?
This question and many more are answered in my free article marketing ebook: Article Marketing and Beyond.  
You can download it for FREE with NO opt-in or other commitment.  I simply ask that you use the button below to send one Tweet about the guide which will give you instant access to the guide.

Article Marketing and Beyond will show you how to:
  • Get your articles well-syndicated
  • Optimize your articles for the search engines
  • Write better content
  • Build more backlinks per article
  • 100% White Hat
The main goal is to save you time and give you a better return for every article that you put your time into.  I'm going to show you how to write your article, get it syndicated for links, and then repurpose your content for loads more backlinks.
A lot of SEOs and marketers think that article marketing is all about spinning PLR content and blasting it out to thousands of directories with some software.  While I'm not completely against mass submission, this is simply not how article marketing works – it's just link blasting.  
The main problem with that strategy is that you only get links from the article directories.  As already stated, the real purpose of article marketing and submitting to the directories in the first place is to get your content found by other webmasters so that it gets syndicated on non-directory websites.
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