Thursday, 15 March 2012

Heading Tags Optimization

Another essential on-page optimization factor is Heading Tag. Search engine views it mostly when indexing a webpage. Header tag is essential for site visitors also, since heading tag informs both internet search engine and site visitors exactly what the content is about.

Heading tags are symbolized as <h1> to <h6>. <h1> is among the most important tag by internet search engine and <h6>, the littlest and the most unimportant.

Illustration of header tag is:

<h1>internet search engine </h1><br>
<h3>internet search engine services</h3><br>

It's recommended to include specific key phrases associated with your company theme in heading tags which is easier to use key phrases which are utilized in title and Meta data. Keyword wealthy heading tag is liked by major search engines like google but over stuffing of key phrases can again place you in danger.

Heading Tags optimization tips

  • Each website is made to represent different factors, so a minimum of 2-4 heading tags for example <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4> on each page of the website.
  • Header tag must contain specific key phrases associated with your company additionally with a additional text that better describes your internet contents.
  • Add highly relevant key phrases in <h1> tag, because it is weighted most than other heading tags.
  • Evaluate the relevancy of the key phrases and put most significant keyword in <h1> tag, less vital that you <h2>, further less vital that you <h3> and ultimately lowest key phrases to <h6>.


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