Thursday, 15 March 2012

Keyword Density

Since the inception of Search engine optimization, write-ups and submissions have always played a vital role in bringing any website to the top on the charts. However, not any type of write-ups could fulfill this requirement. The write-ups which are written for the purpose of SEO are especially crafted by the expert SEO writers. These write-ups hold an adequate amount of some special words, which are also known as Keywords. These keywords are purposefully added to the write-up not only to provide sensible flow to the article but also to make it ready for the purpose of SEO. Keywords are specifically chosen on the basis of the nature of business the article has to serve. Afterwards, their recurrence, or say keyword density, is set according to the total proposed word counts of the write-up or article. All this process is done by expert SEO professionals, as if the total process is not performed in right way, the write-up would not make any sense, nor it would help in increasing the ranking of that particular website.

The term ‘Keyword Density’ implies that in comparison to the total number of words on a web page, what is the percentage of times a keyword or a phrase appear on that particular web page. Most of the search engines have set the optimum keyword percentage figure between 2 to 5 percent, which means if the recurrence of any particular keyword or phrase is more than 5 percent, then that keyword would be treated as spam. Consequently, the write-up would become invalid. To avoid such conditions, always ensure that the articles for your website are analyzed and written by the expert SEO Professionals and writers, who have in-depth knowledge of all the know-how related to the Keyword density and the search engine optimization.

SEO is a slow and ongoing process, which is why, you may find lots of companies making false claims of brining your website on the top without taking time. We, at Ranking by SEO, do not make any such claims, as we know that Ethical SEO takes time and produce long-term results. Thus, we believe in working with our clients on every alcove of the process so that our clients can see the progress and get satisfactory results for their websites a.k.a. their business.


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