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Top 5 Things to Ask When Hiring an SEO Expert

5 Things to Ask When Hiring an SEO Expert

The SEO community is often considered a dubious one as many self-proclaimed search engine optimization experts fail to deliver on their promises and end up burning through their clients’ budgets without churning out real results.
Moreover, with search engines themselves often calling out these so-called SEO experts for their spam techniques and websites, it is no wonder that the online marketing community is considered shady by most. 
In addition, as more and more black hat specialists take to the web in an attempt to make some extra money, it is no wonder that real SEO experts are having to face some serious backlash when it comes to selling their services. Surprisingly enough, search engine optimization nevertheless remains a booming industry, especially now that so much business is conducted online.
As more and more examples of SEO “professionals” taking advantage of unsuspecting clients are made public, it would make sense that more organizations would feel reluctant about spending money on internet marketing. However, agencies and consultants are still in great demand as these organizations become more aware of the importance of being visible online. Consequently, there are a few things that you should always ask your prospective SEO consultant before embarking on a project that will very likely cost you a lost.
1) Examples of sites they have worked on
A good way of knowing whether your seller is actually who he says he is involves asking to see previous websites he has successfully worked on. In fact, if you are dealing with a real SEO professional, you should not even have to do so since showing their portfolio is often among the first steps of most people’s sale pitch.
However, simply looking at a few reports and files seldom suffices. It is equally important to ask them a few questions about these projects. While you may not understand most of the technical explanations, their confidence in talking about their past projects often indicates how reliable they are.
2) How they track results
Asking an SEO expert how he shows results is becoming more and more important as search engines (most notably Google) have enormously evolved. Tracking results in the past merely consisted of showing ranking reports as search engines would show the same results to each user, regardless of his location and previous searches.

As personalization came into play, this is no longer the case though and search engine results never look exactly the same to different users. The mere mention of exclusively relying on ranking reports should now be a red flag. Trustworthy SEO professionals will actually gladly explain this to you.
While each expert’s method of showing results will vary according to the project at hand, you should however make sure that traffic reports are included in the e-strategy deliverables.
3) What techniques they use
It is also important to ask what search engine optimization techniques they will use to increase your website’s visibility in search.

Your main objective here is to know if they are using spam techniques that may eventually lead to your website being banned from search engines. Knowledgeable SEO experts typically love what they do and may even ramble on about the joys of using specific techniques to consistently improve a website.
On the other hand, less reliable search professionals will run out of steam after a couple of minutes or may even try to completely avoid your question by turning your attention to something else.
4) Whether your website needs a redesign
This question is incredibly important as it is not uncommon for a website to require a complete redesign before the link building steps can begin. Since this will very likely come at an additional cost, you should clear any doubt about this as you want to know how much money you are spending on the whole project.
Reputable agencies will not fail to mention that a site redesign will come at an extra cost, but shady experts will ultimately try to add this to their quotation in dodgy ways since they are only concerned with making as much money as possible.
5) How long it will take to see results
Organic SEO is not a short term strategy and your research into what search engine optimization actually entails will no doubt show you that. It is however still very necessary to ask your prospective consultant after how long you can expect to see results.
Anybody who promises you spectacular results after a couple of days is someone that will do more harm to your website than you could ever imagine.
Although these are the most important five questions you should ask before hiring someone to deliver SEO work for your website, you must still realize that there are many other crucial questions you must get answers for. Moreover, depending on the specificities of your project, there may be additional questions you must consider to ascertain that your consultant is fully reliable before signing a contract and committing to a budget.

Rank Jumpers Review

Rank Jumpers Review

Rank Jumpers is a new high PR blog network.  You may have heard of Build My Rank before as this is the most popular blog network.  Rank Jumpers is a very similar alternative to Build My Rank.
At a Glance: 
  • Average PageRank: 1.8
  • Length Requirement: 150 Words
  • Number of Domains (basic): 5
  • Size of Network: 1,000+
  • Cost: $57.95/month
There are 8 factors that I consider when grading the quality of a blog network.  They are:
  • SERP Movement
  • PageRank Distribution
  • Blog Diversity/reach
  • Level of distribution
  • Niche Specific or non-niche specific
  • Length of time on homepage
  • Indexation
  • Ease of use
*I will be updating this review with new info and insights over time.
SERP Movement
I have been using Rank Jumpers to get a lot of first page rankings.  However, I don't have a definitive case study for you.  I'm going to be using RJ exclusively to get this page as the #1 result for "Rank Jumpers Review".  Stay tuned!
[UPDATE] I am now the #1 result for "rank jumpers review"
February 1st, #5
February 6th, #1
That was too easy!  I'll add more ranking case studies shortly with exclusive use of Rank Jumpers!
PageRank Distribution
Rank Jumpers does a pretty good job at supplying its users with PR blogs.  Personally, I don't place too much stake on PR, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that more is better!  I've taken a sample of 20 posts to use consistently throughout this review, here is the PageRank distribution for these 20 posts:
  • PR 4: 1
  • PR 3: 6
  • PR 2: 5
  • PR 1: 4
  • PR 0: 4
Average PR / Post = 1.8
As you can see the majority of blogs are either PR2 or PR3 which in my opinion is pretty good.  Some more PR4+ blogs would be nice, but I would rather see even fewer PR 0 blogs.
Level of Distribution
Some networks syndicate your content to a variety of sites in their network.  Much like BMR, RankJumpers submits your post to one blog.  While it would be nice to get further distribution and links from each post written, I am a fan of this system for a few reasons:
  1. This helps the network keep its integrity because every site has all unique content which in the end will help strengthen your links.
  2. Links from the same content quickly lose value
  3. One 150 word post takes very little time to write (or very little $$ to outsource), so I like the idea of using a fresh post for every link.
Niche Specific VS Non- Niche Specific Blogs
Some blog networks categorize their sites by niche to ensure your content only gets published on relevant domains that have other relevant content.  While Rank Jumpers does ask you to select a category for every new project/domain you're building links to, I can't say that I've really seen the difference.  My articles are usually published on domains with content from many different niches and non thematic domain names.  This makes for less relevant links.  
One really nice part about RJ is that all 20 posts from my sample had a great URL structure.  Here's what I mean:
There wasn't a single post URL that looked like this:
Or anything like that.  This is good for making the links more relevant and helpful for rankings.
Site Diversity (Reach)
It is important that you get links from new sites consistently in order to get the best results.  One problem that many users face with blog networks is that they don't get the IP diversity that they were expecting.  This happens even when a network boasts thousands of sites.  The cause is either a small number of sites in your niche or a poor distribution system.
Rank Jumpers fell a bit short of my expectations by having 20 posts published to 13 different blogs.  I find this a bit disappointing since the posts aren't published on niche specific sites, so I don't see the reason for the lack of diversity.
I have to say, I am noticing an increase in the diversity of sites published to.   Not to excuse the fact, but I will keep a close eye on my data and update in the coming weeks.

Length of Time on Homepage
The truth is that any post you write for any blog isn't going to be on the homepage forever.  Eventually it will slip into the archives.  That being said, I do like to see my posts get some time to hang out on the root domain.
Rank Jumpers performed extremely well in these regards.  Most posts spent at least a few days on the homepage, and many spend weeks.
This also leads me to the next issue with blog networks.
Post Indexation
One last, but very important factor is the indexing rate of the posts.  If your posts don't get indexed then your links won't be crawled, and if your links aren't crawled then you've wasted your time.
During my collection of the 20 random posts for sampling, I had to skip over 1 post because it was not indexed.  This gives me an indexing rate of 95% from my analysis.  Not bad if you ask me, but I would like to see it at 100%.
Ease of Use
Rank Jumpers is a very easy system to use.  It looks very similar to BMR for any users wondering.  You create "Projects" where you can manage and add your "links" and "posts."  Projects take about a day to be approved as do the posts you submit.  Also, all posts are quick-checked with Copyscape, so no copied content!  Once again, I think this is great for the network and all users since it protects the networks integrity.
Final Thoughts
Overall, I think Rank Jumpers is a pretty good system.  I am having good results with it and am happy to pay for it.  They have a 7-day Free Trial, so you can try it out before buying as well.

-> Try Rank Jumpers <-
If you found my review helpful please use my aff link above as a "Thank You"!
I discuss in depth how I use Rank Jumpers as part of my overall link building strategy in my ebook The Complete Guide to Rankings.  You can download it for free now using the opt-in in sidebar or by clicking here.

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70 Free Press Release Sites List

70 Free Press Release Sites List This is the only up-to-date list of working free press release websites on the internet.

I have manually submitted press releases to every one of these sites.  They all work, are free to use, and accept PRs from any niche.
Explanation of List:
Editorial links means they allow links within the press release itself.  If it says "Yes(http://)", that means you have to link with a full address and cannot use anchor text.  
If there is no editorial link and it says "Yes" for Dofollow, this means you get a link after the content or in the sidebar that is dofollow.  This is usually your site name, plain link, or a call-to-action.
Many of these sites also have paid plans – this data is only for the free submissions.  You can sort them according to any metric you want by clicking the column title.
List of Free Press Release Sites

Alexa Rank
Editorial Link
#124-7 Press Release612,975NoYesNo
#21888 Press Release59,984NoNoNo
#3Express Press Release323,289YesYesNo
#4Free Press Release53,335NoN/ANo
#7PR-Inside618,876Yes (http://)YesYes
#8PR Urgent422,226NoNoNo
#9Top Best News1120,958YesYesYes
#10Press Method326,239NoNoNo
#11PR Log62,027Yes (http://)YesYes
#13Online PR News511,272NoYesNo
#14PR Zoom583,918NoYesNo
#15Open PR521,425Yes(http://)YesYes
#16Free Press Release AU328,509NoYesNo
#17Wide PR321,910Yes (http://)YesYes
#18Press Exposure227,463Yes (http://)NoNo
#19Media Syndicate334,938YesYesNo
#20See Nation437,585YesYesNo
#21Add PR422,774NoYesNo
#22JK Hanok2127,294YesYesNo
#23PR Highway336,756YesNoNo
#24Page Release257,127YesYesNo
#25PR Focus3108,501YesYesNo
#26Your Story443,676NoNoNo
#27Release News454,815YesYesYes
#28PR Fire439,129NoNoNo
#29Idea Marketers44,992YesYesYes
#30Business Services UK593,119Yes(http://)NoNo
#31eNewswire4124,097Yes (http://)YesYes
#32Information Online518,414Yes (http://)YesYes
#33Only 2 Press162,284YesYesYes
#34Market Press Release429,300NoNoNo
#35PR 4 Links338,504NoNoYes
#36Post Free Press Releases380,250YesYesNo
#37Press Network276,584NoNoNo
#38Article Circulation443,739NoYesNo
#39News By Company377,651YesYesYes
#40PR Take2119,278NoYesNo
#41My PR Genie536,913YesYesNo
#42Promotion World525,639YesYesYes
#43Free News Release426,315NoYesYes
#44Power Home Biz421,153NoNoNo
#45Any Release0102,813YesYesNo
#46India PR Wire522,904NoYesNo
#47New Design World430,886NoYesNo
#48Free Press Box339,723NoNoNo
#49Free Press Release Center325,316YesYesNo
#50Wire Service Canada4341,824YesYesNo
#51Male Bits3117,402NoNoNo
#52Submit Free PR281,608NoYesYes
#53PR BD252,136NoYesNo
#54Wire Tiger03,834,724NoYesNo
#55For Press Release1109,153NoYesYes
#56PR Friend363,182YesYesNo
#57Free News Distribution2391,505NoNoNo
#58Free Business Wire2183,036YesYesYes
#59Press Releaser5102,227Yes(http://)YesNo
#60Free PR Online12,734,694NoNoNo
#61Press Release Ping2145,537YesYesYes
#62List Free3191,495NoNoNo
#63Biz Europe687,384NoYesNo
#64PR Articles11,445,687YesYesNo
#66Home Theater Hifi591,230YesYesNo
#67Soft Area 51485,020NoNoNo
#68Small Biz Trends69,196NoYesNo
#69Info Link5170,347NoNoYes
Showing 1 to 70 of 70 entries
Updated: February 27th, 2012
Don't waste your time joining these sites manually.  You can download my press release account creator now for free:
The program will automatically sign up and verify your accounts at 41 of these 70 press release websites.
Behind My Research:
During my time building this list I tried about 100+ other press release sites.  They either stopped accepting submissions, are no longer hosted, or simply are not free.  They include:
PR Buzz, Press About, Newswire Today, PR 9, Pr Leap, PR Compass, Press-Base, The Open Press, Clickpress, PR Free, UK PR Wire, Free Press Index, and many more.

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Online SEO Traning Urdu classes In Pakistan

Lession No 2
             1)    Directory Submission
 Aslam O Alekum! 
 Welcome To Back Online SEO Training, Urdu Classes In Pakistan How Are You Dears.
               Aaj Hum ap ko Off Site SEO main Directory Submission kay baray main btaen gay k Directory Submission kea hoti he ? kesay hoti he ? Aur es ka faida kea hota he ? Directory Submission kay  mani hen keh aesa Link jo Direct koi Website lay lay es ko Directory Submission ketay hen. aor es ko Nofollow  Link bhi ketay hen, abb hum ap ko btay gay k Directory Submission kesay hoti he ? sub say pelay to ap Google say koe Directory Submission list open kren phr es List say koi Website Open kren jab Website Open ho jay to pher ooper wali baar men Submit Link ka ya add Link ka button dia ho ga os pay Click kren to ek Form Open ho ga jis men ap apni Website ka Title, URL, Description, Keyword, Email Id, Aur Name ko lazmi Fill karna hota he baqi ap naa bhi Fill kren to Directory Submit ho jati he. Jub aap es Form ko Fill kr len to Pher nechay ek aur Submit ka Button ho ga phr es pay Click kren gay to aap ko ek message aay ga jis pay likha ho ga “ Submit Your Link successfully “ jub aap ko ye message  mil jay to samjho ap ki Directory Submit ho gai he. Es trahn aap Pori List ko Submit kren.

SEO Online Training In Urdu classes Introduction to SEO

Lession No 1

Introduction to SEO
Aslam O Alekum, Dears main aaj ap ko SEO kay baray men btaon ga k SEO kea hy ? Kesy hote he ? aur es ka faida kea hota he ?  SEO ka matlab hy (Search Engione Optimization ) yane k apni Website ko Search Engine kay lehaz se Optimize krna, yani k aap ki Website k ander jo unique Keywords hen en ko es tra Optimize krna k wo keyword ko Google main search kren to aap ke Website Top par aay. Es tra jub aap ki Website zeada Search ho gi to aap k visiter zeada hon gay to aap ko earning bhi zeada ho gi.   SEO 2 trekon se hoti he….
1-Off Site  SEO
2-On Site SEO

1-Off Site  SEO   
Abb Hum OffSite SEO ky bary main ap ko btaen gay k Off Site SEO kea hote he ? kesay hote he ? au es ka kea faida hota he?  Koe bhi aesa treka jis say hum dosro ki Website pay apni Website ka Link lga sken os ko Off Site SEO kehty hen. Yane k dosro ke Website pay apna Link lgana Off Site SEO hote he. Off Site SEO main bhi boht say trekay hotay hen.  Jo k darj zail hen.
1-      Directory Submission
2-      Search engine submission
3-      Press Release Submission
4-      Article Submission
5-      Social Bookmarking
6-      Social Networking
7-      Blog Posting
8-      Forum Posting
9-      Comment Posting  
10-  Ad Posting
11-  Web 2.0 Blogs
12-  Web 2.0 Links Building
13-  Public Profiles  
14-    RSS feeds
2-On Site SEO

Abb men ap ko On Site SEO kay baray men btaon ga ke On Site kea hote he kesay hote he aur es ka kea feda hota he, On Site SEO ka matlab hota he k apne hi Website k inder kise na kise trekay se link lgana ya apni Website men koi Changing kr k Link lgana On Site SEO hote he  On Site men bhi mukhtlef trekay hotay hen jo k darj zeel hen….
    1-      Header Tag Optimization
            a.      Title Tag Optimization
b.      Keyword Tag Optimization
c.       Description Tag Optimization
d.      Meta Author
    2-      Image  Optimization (Alt Tag)
    3-      Google Sitemap
    4-      Yahoo Sitemap
    5-      Tag Cloud
    6-      Hyper Link Optimization
Aaj hum nay ap ko sirf SEO ka Introduction karwaya he aagay hum ap ko Insha Allah pori tafseel ke sath batay gay……….. agr aap aur kuch pochna chatay hen to humay mail kray ya humaray Blog pay Comment kray  Visit To Our Blog SEOUSTAAD.

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Why I Don’t Like Comment Luv

Why I Don’t Like Comment Luv

I recently ran into a problem with a guest blog post I'd published on a blog that supported comment luv. Comment luv is a popular WordPress plugin that allows people to build a do-follow link back to their own site in the comments left on a post. So I'd published my post, with a link to the site I own in the author bio. The post became relatively popular, and I responded to each comment. Each response I left also had a link back to my site. Comment luv turns your user name into the anchor text for the link back to your home page.
I didn't want to abuse this system by using a search term in place of my name, so I just used “Tyler.” I thought, “Sure, why not?” More links is good, right? And if I'm not using search terms, Google won't penalize my site, right?
My SERP ranking for the keyword I'd used in that blog post have plummeted, and I'm still working on regaining that lost footing. I'm not interested in persuading you to stop guest blogging, because I really like it and it's definitely a great way to improve your SERP ranking for specific keywords and search terms. However, I've grown to dislike blogs with comment luv and keyword luv enabled, and I've got some advice on posting on these blogs.
Building Backlinks is Not the Intended Use of Blog Comments
The main reason I don't like comment luv and keyword luv is because building backlinks is not what blog comments are for. Blog comments are for interacting with other human beings. I never use search terms in place of my actual name when leaving comments, but I know this is largely how comment luv and keyword luv enabled blogs are used.
While it's true leaving keyword rich comments on blog topics that are relevant is a good practice, it's important not to go overboard. Especially if you're responding to readers commenting on your guest post, as I was! I didn't even use keywords on these links, and I saw my rankings drop from the fifth result to the fifteenth in a Google search. Not the biggest drop, but it's enough to convince me to change the way I use blogs that allow comment luv.
Google Frowns Upon Link Spam (Even Unintentional Link Spam)
Although in this instance I honestly wasn't trying to spam, that's how Google saw it. I'd suddenly posted around 30 links back to my site in the comments section, and the original search term I'd linked to in my author bio has fallen off the first page. Even though I personally don't like comment luv and keyword luv, I recognize that do-follow links with valuable anchor text are a great way to improve SERP rankings. If this is going to be part of your regular SEO strategy, I'd offer a few words of advice.
First, only comment on blog posts that are related to your website. For example, if you run a party supply e-commerce store, don't build keyword-rich links in blog posts about golfing, pet care, or foreign currency exchange rates.
Second, you should consider guest blogging as an alternative to commenting on blogs to build links. I use guest blogging as a major component of my link-building efforts, and have found it to be the most effective way of improving SERP results for valuable search terms.

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