Saturday, 5 May 2012

Do You Need Social Bookmarking?

Mark Impala

Photo: Mark Impala

Imagine:  You write a new blog post or edit your website and with one click on your computer your article or web entry is spread all over the internet to each and every social media site or blog roll you ever registered before.
The more often a web page is submitted and tagged, the better chance it has of being found. Social bookmarking continues to grow in popularity, with the addition of many new Social Networking sites offering free (book) marketing services.

It takes a lot of time and effort to visit one Social Network after another and then bookmark all of your web pages using their individual systems. Social Bookmarking services are usually free to join, and are easy to use – but if you really want to maximize your use of them, you need a way to be able to bookmark your web pages as quickly and easily as possible. Here are two programs of many:
SocialBot V4.0
This Windows Program is easy to use and performs all of the mundane tasks that are involved in Social Bookmarking. In a nutshell, you enter a domain, SocialBot V4.0 spiders it and builds a list of web pages to bookmark and then it submits them to the Social Networking services you’ve got accounts with. At the present time, they support 54 of the most popular Social Bookmarking Services as well as unlimited scuttle sites.
SocialBot V5.0 is a Windows Utility Program that works on both Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is easy to use and it will perform all routine tasks involved in social bookmarking. All you have to do is enter your domain name our social bookmarking software will spider it and create a list of web pages that needs to be bookmarked and then submit it to the social bookmarking services you’ve got accounts with.
Social Bookmarking also provides a way for you to add FREE back links to your web pages that are eagerly crawled and picked up on by major search engines, which will lead to higher PR than ever before!
You can purchase SocialBot at a significant discount for just $29.95.
The Onlywire Free Trial includes 300 submissions and access to all the great features and functionality of Onlywire Pro including the use of Captcha Solver and Onlywire Analytics. There is no time limit, your Free Trial of OnlyWire will expire only after the use of your 300 free submissions. At that point, you may continue to enjoy all the benefits of OnlyWire by upgrading to one of the affordable premium plans.
Number of Submissions 1,000 Fee Per Month $ 10.00 + $0.05 per submission if you exceed your plan limit.
Includes User account, User Analytics and eMail Support
Submissions are measured as 1 post to 1 service. For example, 1 article submitted to Twitter. If you are using 50 services, a single article or post may use up 50 submissions. You need to go to each site to open an account.
The beauty of Social Bookmarking lies in how Social Networking sites aggregate your links in a central location, accessible to other users through the use of Tags (keywords) that you decide are appropriate and not a search engine!  Others in your community may rate your pages based on it’s quality and usefulness, which can create an endless cycle of traffic.


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