Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Keyword Research & Analysis

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the terms relevant the services or products your website is offering, which can be single word or a combination of two or three phrases.

So, why keyword analysis is necessary?

As the name suggests, keyword analysis is the activity to perform a research about what your target customers are looking for and what key-phrases would be the best suitable to promote your products or services to your customers.

In Internet marketing, keywords analysis is the initial step to be taken and therefore is considered as the most important decision for a campaign. The main purposes of performing strategic keyword analysis prior to launching an SEO campaign are:

  • Targeting right audience
  • Getting lots of relevant traffic
  • Focusing on targeting geographic location

While doing keywords analysis, Ranking By SEO experts use popular variations of the best keywords chosen using Google keyword analysis tool. The analysis report contains six most effective key-phrases and most popular variations of those variations. The analysis report also contains a wide range of broad and specific keywords.


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