Monday, 28 May 2012

Website Usability and Accessibility

So you have developed an all-rounder website for your business and you have made it perfect in all aspects of SEO too. But…

Is your website accessible to everyone (including the disabled ones)?

Is that usable for everyone (including the disabled ones)?

If yes, then consider yourself blessed. But if not, then it is an alarming situation for you, as non-usability and inaccessibility could bring your website to a deep down situation in the long run.

Wondering how! Read on to know more…

Before reaching to any point, let us first know that what are the Web Usability and Web Accessibility.

Website Accessibility

It is an ability for everyone (including the disabled people) to access a website in such a manner that they could easily view it, feel it and understand it (either by viewing aids or by listening aids). If a user is not being able to access a website in the terms of its design and feel then that website must be change its appearance in such a way that even an illiterate can operate it. However, accessibility does not mean at all that your website should be accessible for each and every Internet user, but it must be accessible for your target audience at least.

Website Usability

This refers to the location of different objects in a web page, its layout, functionality, navigation and insightfulness. The usability also describes about the easiness of completing a task over a web page. Like, filling out the forms, dealing with the payment gateways, searching for information or simply reading the content.

For example, we all know that eBay is one of the world’s largest online stores. However, this site is so much usable that even a Class 2 student can order the products from it. Though a Class 2 student is not allowed to make any online orders, such a quality of website usability is really appreciable.

Basically both Usability and Accessibility share almost same amount of common grounds and are quite codependent. However, it is quite possible that a website, which is highly accessible, could become practically non-usable and sometimes tiresome too or vice-versa.

Usable and accessible websites call new visitors and more returning visitors. That’s why, even being the not-so-popular-term, Usability and accessibility play a vital role in bringing your website naturally high in rankings.

Hence, getting your website tested and fixed by a team of highly qualified expert SEO professionals. We not only offer great Search engine optimization services to our clients but also claim to bring their website in top-ranks, naturally.

Search engine optimization is like an unexplored ocean. The deeper you dive in it, the more incredible it grows before you, giving you the access to its gem like tools, features and aspects, which are certainly the must haves for any website. However, instead diving by yourself and getting confused inside it, hiring the professionals like Ranking by SEO is always suggested.


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