Wednesday, 16 May 2012

XML Sitemap Creation

With the advancement of technologies, Search engine optimization has gained such a vast significance that shunning it from your online presence could shun your presence online. With each new day, the market trend is changing its sides. Due to which, your website should remain up-to-date, accordingly. You can update your website by making some considerable changes and by adding some new pages (say, new product or service pages) in line with the demand of the latest market trend and updating your sitemap in accordance.

However, did you know that even after adding the required meta-tags, contents and html codes to your new product/service page, it could not appear in the search results? Wonder why! This happens because of the lack of an XML sitemap for your website, which helps every web page of your site, whether old or new, to get indexed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, automatically. Thus, your website always remains in the eyes of the web crawlers. At Ranking by SEO, our skilled SEO professionals are quite competent with every aspect of XML Sitemap creation and search engine optimization. Hence by hiring us, you pass your website in safe, efficient and cost-effective hands.

In a website, the ‘Sitemap’ is a page, where we can find the links to all pages that are linked to the website and that too in a categorized manner. However, it is highly suggested that this page remains up-to-date at all times; else it could become difficult for the newly added pages to get indexed in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In older days, the process of updating this page was manual and quite tedious. But, with the emergence of new technology named ‘Sitemap Creation’, the process has become automatic as the sitemap robotically updates itself with all the new additions or removals of the pages and links.

Search engine optimization is consisting of a term ‘Sitemap creation’ that refers to a process in which an external Sitemap is created for your website using the XML code. After creation, it is then uploaded and stored in the same part of the web-server where your complete website is stored. Now, whenever your webmaster makes any changes in your website, i.e. adding a new page or removing an old page, the script used in the XML Sitemap. Also, with the help of inbuilt modifiable values ‘Change Frequency’, ‘Last Modified’ and ‘Priority’, Sitemap Creation helps in naturally bringing your website to the higher rankings. It is highly recommendable that for creating an XML sitemap for your website always hire the expert SEO professionals, as even minute errors can create big barricades on your path success. We, at Ranking by SEO, claim that our expertise and endeavor will definitely bring top-rankings and money-spinning results for your website, i.e. Your Business.


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