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International SEO - Reaching 1.4 Billion People

International SEO - Reaching 1.4 Billion People

Multilingual SEO or International SEO is about getting your website as visible as possible to global audiences in local search engines or local versions of Google. For any company who wants to go global, multilingual SEO offers huge opportunities to bring the right traffic and right business to your site.
International SEO starts with knowing where your clients are likely to be searching, what they are searching for and what they expect to see on your site.
OBAN Multilingual has teams in 30 countries around the world, staffed by some of the leading experts in multilingual SEO and global search marketing.
It is not effective to simply translate your website, as people in different countries are looking for different things and they use phrases which are often not translated but based on their own culture and behaviour.
Our localised approach to multilingual SEO means that each market is handled and approached differently. With over 70% of users of the web not speaking English (over 1.4 billion users) there are huge opportunities for your company to expand your markets and reach new audiences.
Multilingual SEO is incredibly cost-effective too as many other companies are not yet aware of the benefits of international search engine optimisation.

Purpose and Background of Globalization Program of Seo Kyeong University (World Class University Advancement Strategy)

Purpose and Background of Globalization Program of Seo Kyeong University (World Class University Advancement Strategy)

  1. Problems in University Education of Korea

    • The education curriculums and systems of advanced countries are introduced and operated, but the education contents and academic affairs operation management program is 10~20 years behind to have the lowest level of college education competitiveness among the OECD countries.
    • o This type of problem is raised under the education reality of Korean colleges that have the development and operation of curriculum education contents largely dependent on individual professors in charge of particular field that there is a dire need of introducing and applying the management system as well as the operation of the curriculum of world class from well known universities in advanced countries.
  2. Introduction and Operation of Alternatives

    • Introduction and operation of joint dual degree program through the joint development and operation of curriculum and education system of advanced colleges in the US and the GB among others (relevant basis: refer to Article 13 of the Higher Education Act).
  3. Specialization Policy of Seo Kyeong University: Globalization

    • Seo Kyeong University (formerly: International University), established as an evening university in 1947, declared on its 61st anniversary to make 2008 as the original year of its second establishment and set forth its vision as ‘Global Strong Small University” to be reborn as “World Class University”.
    • In order to realize this future vision, the University has set its objective to “growth as the globally recognized brand university that develops competent human talents equipped with global business competency as required in the 21st high-tech informatization society”.
    • As the practical task to accomplish this goal, the curriculums are jointly developed, operated and managed with the well-known overseas universities in world class to have the graduating students who successfully completed curriculums to confer globally recognized bachelors’ masters and PhD degrees with this Joint-Dual Degree Program” (SKGLP: Seo Kyeong Global Leader Program).

Joint Dual-Degree Program of Seo Kyeong University (SKGLP: Seo Kyeong Global Leader Program) and Status

  1. Joint Development, Introduction and Operation of the Business Practice Education Program (Management field of SNHU of the US)

    • By developing and operating the joint dual degree program with SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University*3) of the US as the traditional strong power nation in the financial accounting field, the University advances the world class business specialists (*3 The President Obama of the US received the honorary doctorate degree during his election campaign from SNHU.)
  2. Joint Development, Introduction and Operation of the Practice-Oriented Practice Education Program (Beauty therapy field of UC of the GB)

    • Through the development and operation of the joint dual degree program in beauty art (beauty therapy field) with UC (University of Chichester*4) of the GB as the country of practical education-oriented country (including the skilled qualification acquiring program (EDEXCEL-BTECI*5) certified by the British government), this University develops the internationally certified professionals in beauty art skills as well as enhances the completeness of practical education through introduction and operation of internationally certified skilled qualification system (*4 As a national university of the GB with 170 years of history and tradition and has 95% or higher of employment rate through the thorough practical education and has received the assessment as the top university from QAA, the college assessment agency of the British government (*5 British government and internationally certified qualification for practical skill)

Grow into Advanced University through the Operation of World Class Student Affairs Program and Introduction and Development of Management Program

  1. By breaking away from simply introducing the education curriculum and conferring dual degrees, the university education experience of some 200 years from the US and the GB is acquired through the joint development of the joint dual degree program to be equipped with the world class academic affairs operation and management system.
  2. Students advanced through such a system could be grown into global human talent with the world class competency that this system will be introduced to entire education curriculum (undergraduate and graduate programs) of Seo Kyeong University to strive for a world class university in short period of time.
  3. In this process, the outstanding education curriculum held only by Seo Kyeong University, is exported to China, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa to develop the industrial manpower of Korea, that has become scarce due to low birth rate and high age, in overseas and develop into advanced university to lead the education export.

Specialization Strategy of Seo Kyeong University for Globalization

  1. Establish International Education Center and High-tech Lab in the High-tech Academic Information Center

    • International Education Center (11F: A total of 2644.6281㎡): The Center has fully equipped with the world class high-tech education facilities as the Center requires to speak only in English within the Center and easy to facilitate the educational facilities and equipments in high-tech Academic Information Center.
    • Establish high-tech laboratory for the joint dual degree program in beauty care department (5F : a total of3966.94215 m²)
  2. Free Support on English Communication Education by Native Speakers

    • Free support of English communication curriculum by the English native speaker of full-time faculty for 3 hours a day and 15 hours a week
  3. Schedule to Provide Free Support for Language Training and Credit Acquisition for Each Year

    • Training and dispatching of students to cooperative universities around the world
    • Free support of e2 expenses with scholarships

SKGCP (Seo Kyeong Global Campus Project)

  1. In order to develop international specialty human resources required in the next generation growth engine fields in IT, NT, CT, and BT industries, SKGLP has been developed in collaboration with world best universities that operate the world best education programs.
  2. Students in Seo Kyeong University and applicable countries who are registered for SKGLP that is developed in collaboration with the US, Europe, Australia, China, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa may acquire the BA, MA, and PhD degrees from Seo Kyeong University and applicable university at the same time when completing required curriculums from the campus of cooperating universities for each semester or year.
  3. It has the effect of establishing and operating the campus of Seo Kyeong University in the US, the GB, Asia, Africa and others.
  4. As the main body of the education operation, Seo Kyeong University undertakes the role of the hub of education contents export of advanced universities and education contents import of universities lagging behind (Reverse export of unique BA, MA, and PhD degree program and independent supply to universities lagging behind for the beauty art field with the global competitiveness of Seo Kyeong University.)
  5. The global leader program of Seo Kyeong University is provided to the universities in China, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Kazakhstan and others to develop the industrial human resources with global competency through education export.
  6. Through exporting the education program, the industrial human resources that are insufficient in Korea with its low birth and high age society to be advanced and facilities from overseas in contributing to the sustainable growth of Korea.
  7. Finally, as a “World Class University”, it would realize the future image of “Global Small but Strong University”.

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