Friday, 15 June 2012

International SEO - Reaching 1.4 Billion People

International SEO - Reaching 1.4 Billion People

Multilingual SEO or International SEO is about getting your website as visible as possible to global audiences in local search engines or local versions of Google. For any company who wants to go global, multilingual SEO offers huge opportunities to bring the right traffic and right business to your site.
International SEO starts with knowing where your clients are likely to be searching, what they are searching for and what they expect to see on your site.
OBAN Multilingual has teams in 30 countries around the world, staffed by some of the leading experts in multilingual SEO and global search marketing.
It is not effective to simply translate your website, as people in different countries are looking for different things and they use phrases which are often not translated but based on their own culture and behaviour.
Our localised approach to multilingual SEO means that each market is handled and approached differently. With over 70% of users of the web not speaking English (over 1.4 billion users) there are huge opportunities for your company to expand your markets and reach new audiences.
Multilingual SEO is incredibly cost-effective too as many other companies are not yet aware of the benefits of international search engine optimisation.


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