Friday, 1 March 2013

Don't Let Black Hat SEO & Google Penguin Eat Your Webpage SERP

Google Penguin
What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is the attack on competitors sites by employing black hat SEO tactics, generally by use of poor quality backlinks that lead to the rival competitor's page or pages to cause penalties on the rivals page ranking. Though having a great SERP relies more on other analytics of the webpage, not just quality backlinks, poor quality backlinks could still radically decrease a competitors ranking.

Before Google's penguin came along it was much harder for rivals to implement the search engines penalties and knock competitors out of their ranking, as the use of poor quality backlinks were really the only black hat tactic that could be used against a competitors webpage, unless the rival could hack as well. However Google has gone through a lot of changes over the past 8 months, changes that left Google and those of us who use white hat SEO bent over for those black hat rivals.

Google of course is in the state of denial, believing that some of the new calculations (such as the block this site data received from the Google chrome extension) that penguin implements will help people find what they are searching for better, when in reality penguin has left the door wide open for rivals to destroy a competitors ranking while they further employ spamming optimization methods and still have a great SERP.

How to Optimize to Get Page One of Your Niche & Stay on Top

Your Target Market is Searching Your Niche Clicking On Page One!

Many of the results on page one of any search performed receive more visits from the mass market of people searching the Internet than the inner pages of a search, and as long as the link that is clicked on is not paid advertising for the keywords or key phrases typed in the search engine, the visits that come from those clicks are considered as organic free hits from a target market to the website or web page content.
Make sure your target market finds you on page one
Whether you are just starting as an Internet entrepreneur or are a seasoned one, according to what Matt Cutts (head of Google's webspam team) implied back in April, if you want the mass market of your target market to find your Internet or niche business on the first page for the keywords and key phrases to your niche you are going to need the knowledge of a really good white hat SEO (search engine optimization) specialist (I say SEO specialist because with the ever changing search engine algorithms, so does the SEO business) in order to optimize your website or web page content to get a search engine rank placement (SERP) on the first page. Unfortunately most white hat SEO specialists will cost on a scale of $65 to $250 unless you happen to find a SEO specialist who is just starting out and only charges you $30 for their SEO services. I understand that some Internet entrepreneurs just don't have the money to pay a white hat SEO specialist to optimize their website or web page content, so for those of you who aren’t looking to pay for SEO services and are searching for the knowledge to optimize your website or web page content to be on page one for the keywords and key phrases of your niche so that you can get organic free hits from your target market, this is the place you need to be.

Google Panda and Penguin

SEO With Google Panda and Penguin
Website owners dependent on traffic via Google understand that a sudden loss in traffic may mean a sudden drop in income. During 2011 and 2012 this was the case as Google changed their search algorithm with the Panda and Penguin updates.

The over-arching goal of Google's search algorithm updates is to return higher quality sites to users. Yet, it seems as though Panda and Penguin have been unfairly blamed for the traffic loss that many websites have experienced.

Remember the old saying about blame: when pointing a finger, three are pointing back. Sure Google is setting its "rules" for who gets to play in its top-search-results playground, but the only thing that website publishers, bloggers, and writers can do is examine and change their own body of internet work.

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