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12 Ideas to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

I know several of you wish to form some smart cash with Adsense right? But it’s dangerous to urge into Adsense program currently a days. you have got to try to do few Ideas before applying for Adsense.

Google Adsense is world’s larges Ads Network and works at Pay Per Click system. It’s paying rates area unit higher than all of different networks that is that the biggest reason it's therefore fashionable to all or any Bloggers and Webmasters. however since
everyone is running behind them, they need created the approval system terribly strict. you create very little mistakes and acquire rejected each time. therefore you wish a whole steerage and list of factor that you simply got to do before applying for Google Adsense and supposing that you simply area unit prepared.

12 Ideas to  Before Applying for Google Adsense

1. Privacy Policy :

One of the common mistakes that each Blogger makes which I created repeatedly before finally obtaining approved. albeit there area unit folks out there UN agency say that having a Privacy Policy for a diary doesn’t is smart however they're wrong.

A Privacy really describes to your readers regarding what they're going to get on your diary , what they ought to do and what they ought to not. therefore clearly there's nothing dangerous in having a Privacy Policy. whereas it will have an effect on somehow on your Adsense Approval, you want to provides it a strive. you'll be able to write it yourself or realize Privacy Policy Generators on-line (You don’t want a attorney anyway).

2. About Page

An regarding has major role and importance if you don’t need to use for Adsense. however once it involves Adsense, they're regarding Zero probabilities of obtaining approved if you're not showing this page.About page merely describes regarding you and your diary . this can not solely assist you establish a relationship with readers however it'll conjointly build them trust upon you.

3. Contact Us Page

It’s quite obvious that everybody has his/her own opinion. What one in all your readers likes is also bothering some other person. Than it's higher to offer them chance to talk up to you and tell however they feel regarding your diary, what they need to be altered , what they likable or scorned.

It will conjointly show the Google Adsense Team that's viewing your website that you simply really care regarding your readers and not solely the cash and Adsense.

4. Name/ Email Verification

Make sure to place you Name and Email address in some simply visible space like regarding American state and call America pages. it'll inform Google Adsense Team that it's an equivalent one who applied for Adsense and not some spam, icky bots.
5. Age Verification

I’m very happy out typewriting this. ;)


Because this can be wherever I encountered a retardant. rather than eighteen, I accidentally printed my age as seventeen whereas on Adsense form, it absolutely was accurately eighteen.

Hence there started a retardant . as a result of Google Adsense isn't for underneath eighteen folks. i spotted this downside when being disproved some times with none legitimate reason. therefore I recommendation you to be correct whereas typewriting your age.

6. Minimum variety of Posts

There is no precise answer. Not even one. as a result of I actually have seen terribly established Blogs with 400+ posts and their owner telling American state that Google Adsense is rejecting them whereas somewhere ,people with forty,50 posts area unit enjoying creating cash. specifically what I aforementioned that there's no actual answer. However, we are able to continually predict Ideas. per my expertise , you ought to solely apply when you have got over seventy posts. Posts length ought to should be 500+ words too.

Read : distinction Between Short Length Post Vs Length Posts – What’s Best?

7. Design

Your diary is that the biggest factor when Content. This represents your experience ,experience and expertness. therefore use caution as a result of something will kill your probabilities.

8. Content Type

Be careful with what sort of content you're commercial enterprise. as a result of it's one thing that really matters. Google Adsense is not for Pornographic, Illegal Items, Drugs or other Blogs / Sites like that . conjointly Adsense team won’t be willing to permit you to step in if you own a Non English diary. Having posts shorter than three hundred words long is additionally Red Signal.

9. Providing price

Don’t complain regarding not creating cash and don’t clearly state that your area unit Blogging for cash solely and don't have any different interest in it. as a result of this can show them that you simply won't be providing values to your readers any day. thence another Red lightweight glows up.

10. High Level Domain






Those area unit gone far-flung once Adsense wont to approve “Blogspot” and “” Blogs. As for these days, you want to have your own distinctive domain that specifies your diary. If you don’t have one nonetheless, stop dreaming regarding obtaining approved with Sub domains and go get a prime Level Domain.

Another vital factor regarding domain is it’s age. as a result of for many of Asian Countries, Adsense has placed associate degree age restriction. They don’t settle for any sites before they're vi months recent.

11. Other Ad Networks

If you have got the other Ads placed like Chitika, Clicksor or something, it’s time to drop them off.

Even Google Adsense permits you to use different Ad Networks beside them, it’s higher to get rid of the ads before Applying and don’t place them back till you get a reply from Adsense Team.

12. Paid Traffic

Google hates the websites that {are obtaining|are becoming|have gotten} Paid traffic and largely penalizes them therefore there's not a damn likelihood of obtaining Adsense Approval letter for a site that's getting paid traffic. you'll be able to bring traffic from Search Engines or the other method you wish however if you wish to earn via Google Adsense the proper method, paid traffic isn't an answer.

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