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Ranking By SEO Pakistan - An SEO, SMO, PPC & Link Building Company

Ranking By SEO is a centre of excellence which would like to introduce itself as a convergent thinker that helps to solve all the gravels associated with SEO, link building, pay per click, search engine reputation management, social media optimization, blog marketing, affiliate marketing and content syndication, in short a perfect bouquet of complete internet marketing solutions. It is as young as 3 years and possesses nebulous ideas in a young mind, which, if nurtured along with the proper elements, has the capability to add a new dimension to the future of the IT industry.

Ranking By SEO is a convergence point of intelligence and imagination. As the Sun dawn upon billion masses, our young energetic talents take flight towards the highly focused goals of fulfilling global clients' requirements. Be it SEO, PPC or any other web services, within a short time, Ranking By SEO has successfully created a milestone and a safe cage in the minds of its international clients. With massive pool of talent and skill, Ranking By SEO channelises these energies towards every sphere of web service.

Ranking By SEO believes in the inherent and stimulus power of ideas. Strategically based in Ghaziabad (Delhi/NCR) India, Ranking By SEO encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of India and conceptualizes the path-breaking innovations. With its out-of-the-box strategies, vivid knowledge and extensive expertise, Ranking By SEO serves its global clients in the most vibrant manner. With its extreme hard work and profound determination, Ranking By SEO has been tagged as '24x7 E-Factory', where anytime, any client will be resolved from any type of web baffle.

Core Values

  • Strategic and innovative approach to work
  • Team Work
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty and Integrity
  • Work ethics


Ranking By SEO cherishes the vision to add new dimensions in the global IT industry with its exceptional quality SEO, link building, pay per click and other related web services. With its highly skilled team of IT professionals, Ranking By SEO is walking in the path of success towards the vision of achieving the supreme position in web services in global perspective.

Website Usability and Accessibility

So you have developed an all-rounder website for your business and you have made it perfect in all aspects of SEO too. But…

Is your website accessible to everyone (including the disabled ones)?

Is that usable for everyone (including the disabled ones)?

If yes, then consider yourself blessed. But if not, then it is an alarming situation for you, as non-usability and inaccessibility could bring your website to a deep down situation in the long run.

Wondering how! Read on to know more…

Before reaching to any point, let us first know that what are the Web Usability and Web Accessibility.

Website Accessibility

It is an ability for everyone (including the disabled people) to access a website in such a manner that they could easily view it, feel it and understand it (either by viewing aids or by listening aids). If a user is not being able to access a website in the terms of its design and feel then that website must be change its appearance in such a way that even an illiterate can operate it. However, accessibility does not mean at all that your website should be accessible for each and every Internet user, but it must be accessible for your target audience at least.

Website Usability

This refers to the location of different objects in a web page, its layout, functionality, navigation and insightfulness. The usability also describes about the easiness of completing a task over a web page. Like, filling out the forms, dealing with the payment gateways, searching for information or simply reading the content.

For example, we all know that eBay is one of the world’s largest online stores. However, this site is so much usable that even a Class 2 student can order the products from it. Though a Class 2 student is not allowed to make any online orders, such a quality of website usability is really appreciable.

Basically both Usability and Accessibility share almost same amount of common grounds and are quite codependent. However, it is quite possible that a website, which is highly accessible, could become practically non-usable and sometimes tiresome too or vice-versa.

Usable and accessible websites call new visitors and more returning visitors. That’s why, even being the not-so-popular-term, Usability and accessibility play a vital role in bringing your website naturally high in rankings.

Hence, getting your website tested and fixed by a team of highly qualified expert SEO professionals. We not only offer great Search engine optimization services to our clients but also claim to bring their website in top-ranks, naturally.

Search engine optimization is like an unexplored ocean. The deeper you dive in it, the more incredible it grows before you, giving you the access to its gem like tools, features and aspects, which are certainly the must haves for any website. However, instead diving by yourself and getting confused inside it, hiring the professionals like Ranking by SEO is always suggested.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Check Cross Browser Compatibility

Ever wondered why your website appears different and sometimes disfigured on the different web browsers. It happens due to the Cross-Browser Deficiency Syndrome, just kidding! In actual facts, the different and disfigured appearance on different browsers occurs due to the browser incompatibility of the website. Though it does not appear as an important issue to resolve, it could crush the popularity of your website on the overall basis as most of the user would not find your website compatible according to their choice of web browsers. In order to make your website similar on all available web browsers, it is highly recommended that you enhance browser compatibility of the website. At Ranking By SEO, we not only provide you the top-notch cross browser compatibility services, but we also customize it according to the latest web browser trends, market trends and the need of our clients.

Why it is required?

Browser compatibility, also known as Cross-Browser compatibility, is the facility for a web application or a website or any client-side script to support all the available web browsers. This term exists since the beginning of the web development. Nowadays, such compatibility has become greatly essential to make a website popular among the users and most importantly the clients. Its importance could be understand in a way that if a user opens up your website on the web browser of his/her choice and your website is not compatible according to that browser, then there might be chances that the user will get distracted from your website because of its defaced appearance. Thus, you might lose ‘a user’, or better say, ‘a customer’ for your business. To avoid such loss to your business, you need to boost the browser compatibility of your website. It is not necessary to make your compatible to all available web browsers, a proper research can figure out that what web browsers most of the users or clients use to access your website and then you can make your site compatible to those particular web browsers only. As a professional SEO company we offer an array of on-demand browser compatibility services to our clients so that there business not only grows but also becomes popular among the users and clients.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Keyword Research & Analysis

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the terms relevant the services or products your website is offering, which can be single word or a combination of two or three phrases.

So, why keyword analysis is necessary?

As the name suggests, keyword analysis is the activity to perform a research about what your target customers are looking for and what key-phrases would be the best suitable to promote your products or services to your customers.

In Internet marketing, keywords analysis is the initial step to be taken and therefore is considered as the most important decision for a campaign. The main purposes of performing strategic keyword analysis prior to launching an SEO campaign are:

  • Targeting right audience
  • Getting lots of relevant traffic
  • Focusing on targeting geographic location

While doing keywords analysis, Ranking By SEO experts use popular variations of the best keywords chosen using Google keyword analysis tool. The analysis report contains six most effective key-phrases and most popular variations of those variations. The analysis report also contains a wide range of broad and specific keywords.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Social Bookmarking Services

With the advancements of innovative internet marketing strategies, the experts have started adopting some really powerful tools, which once ignored by the professionals. Social bookmarking submission has recently been included by the SEO professionals as an efficient way of promoting website to the search engines.

Social bookmarking activities involve linking sites without various message boards on social networking sites, content centric websites like Digg, blogs and forums. This way of search engine optimization is considered as a hassles-free and convenient way of marking and making a website visible to the targeted masses.

In the latest search engine updates we have come to know that Google and the other major search engines have started preferring content centric links, therefore the more you will be able to obtain contextual links, more will be beneficial for your website and in order to obtain quality links of the similar type, well-researched and well-directed social book marking links would be perfectly suitable.

While performing social book marking activities for your website, our SEO professionals ensure that every site is indexed by the search engines, so that only the sites with suitable PR and pedigree are selected. Besides the PR and indexing factors, our professionals are very strict in obtaining one-way links that wouldn’t disappoint you after a few months.

You see, every social bookmarking site has its own pros and cons, therefore for our SEO professionals it becomes a tricky task to perform the task with high perfection. Before our professionals start working, from a basic press release to more complex articles, all site content are properly examined and then the appropriate site is determined for submission.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

XML Sitemap Creation

With the advancement of technologies, Search engine optimization has gained such a vast significance that shunning it from your online presence could shun your presence online. With each new day, the market trend is changing its sides. Due to which, your website should remain up-to-date, accordingly. You can update your website by making some considerable changes and by adding some new pages (say, new product or service pages) in line with the demand of the latest market trend and updating your sitemap in accordance.

However, did you know that even after adding the required meta-tags, contents and html codes to your new product/service page, it could not appear in the search results? Wonder why! This happens because of the lack of an XML sitemap for your website, which helps every web page of your site, whether old or new, to get indexed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, automatically. Thus, your website always remains in the eyes of the web crawlers. At Ranking by SEO, our skilled SEO professionals are quite competent with every aspect of XML Sitemap creation and search engine optimization. Hence by hiring us, you pass your website in safe, efficient and cost-effective hands.

In a website, the ‘Sitemap’ is a page, where we can find the links to all pages that are linked to the website and that too in a categorized manner. However, it is highly suggested that this page remains up-to-date at all times; else it could become difficult for the newly added pages to get indexed in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In older days, the process of updating this page was manual and quite tedious. But, with the emergence of new technology named ‘Sitemap Creation’, the process has become automatic as the sitemap robotically updates itself with all the new additions or removals of the pages and links.

Search engine optimization is consisting of a term ‘Sitemap creation’ that refers to a process in which an external Sitemap is created for your website using the XML code. After creation, it is then uploaded and stored in the same part of the web-server where your complete website is stored. Now, whenever your webmaster makes any changes in your website, i.e. adding a new page or removing an old page, the script used in the XML Sitemap. Also, with the help of inbuilt modifiable values ‘Change Frequency’, ‘Last Modified’ and ‘Priority’, Sitemap Creation helps in naturally bringing your website to the higher rankings. It is highly recommendable that for creating an XML sitemap for your website always hire the expert SEO professionals, as even minute errors can create big barricades on your path success. We, at Ranking by SEO, claim that our expertise and endeavor will definitely bring top-rankings and money-spinning results for your website, i.e. Your Business.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Canonical URL Issue

In the arena of SEO, remaining on Top Rank is the only key to success. By performing well structured and organized SEO we help our website to achieve Top rankings in the search results. However sometimes, all our hard works get in vain due to some minor slip-ups from our end. These minor errors sometimes cause a deep dent on our online presence and the growth of our business.

Many of us think that we have done everything in the right way then why our website is not increasing its position on the results shown by the search engines. Sometimes, we also wonder that even after hiring an SEO team, instead of moving upwards our website is going downwards.

Your site displays great information on it and your whole website including its backlinks are well optimized. But, despite applying all great voodoos to your website it is facing downfall on the search results, then there might be some minute yet serious problems like the blacklisted IP or the canonical URLs issue attached to your website. Among these the problem, the canonical issue is really a critical hitch as it is very hard to detect. It is the problem, which for sure reasons, no magic tricks can remove and only an expert SEO professional with thorough and deep approach could eliminate such problems from your website. We at Ranking by SEO do not cast any magic; we bring instant and effective results and solutions to all the SEO needs of our clients.

So, what exactly the Canonical URL issue is?

For instance, you have a website with the name “”. However, your website is also accessible by the users when they enter the web addresses like: “”, “”, "", "", "" or "" etc.

Whatever the link is used by the user, the server will cast same page, and thus, the users will get same content on entering each of the above mentioned URLs. This might not seem a problem at the user end, but SEO-wise it could create disasters for your online presence as the search-bots will treat all these pages as different page for the same website. It means that the web crawlers will find everything, i.e. from Meta Tags and Title to the content and the HTML codes, of those pages similar to each other. As the result, these pages would be considered as SPAM by the search engines, thus your online presence would be degraded by the search engines.

However to avoid such canonicalization issues, hiring expert professionals from Ranking by SEO would certainly be a fruitful decision as our SEO team holds all the relevant skills to make your website error-free and to bring on the top of the SEO rankings.

Social bookmarking for books

Social bookmarking for books

Shelfari is a social network and recommendation service that lets you flaunt your book collection to others, and discover new titles worth reading. Yesterday Shelfari announced a round of funding, with being the top contributor.
If you've ever seen Delicious Monster, Shelfari is visually similar, with virtual bookshelves that house your collection as long as you're willing to manually input all your titles. The result is a slick-looking listing to share with others on your blog or Web site (see below), and make friends with people who have similar tastes to swap recommendations.
Each Shelfari book page is essentially an extension of what you'd find on, with buyer reviews and a five-star rating system. Shelfari employs a fair bit of integration, using Amazon's comments and purchasing options. Clicking the option to buy the book actually takes you off-site to the book's page on Amazon.
From a user perspective, Shelfari's real draw is groups. Users can create their own groups based on very specific genres, like "banned books" or "19th century English literature." Each group has a common shelf, where users can contribute titles. There's also an attached forum for discussion, and an introductory page with room for a description and any worthwhile URLs.
Shelfari is a great way to pick up book recommendations. I often find books worth reading through friends, so it's only natural to have a social network that fosters a similar service. But there's still something to be said about exploring a bookstore, which despite its good looks, Shelfari can't match.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Social Bookmarking

What it teaches

This video introduces the basics of bookmarking services like The video uses an example of teachers using Social Bookmarking to share links to useful websites, including:
  • The difference between online and offline bookmarks
  • How to use a bookmarking website
  • An introduction to organizing bookmarks with tags
  • The value of sharing bookmarks with others

Video Transcript

Welcome to Social Bookmarking in Plain English.
It's just too much. Did you know that there are over 15 billion web pages? To make sense of it all, we need to pluck out the best pages and save them for later.
We have choices. We could bookmark or add to favorites in our web browser. Nah, it quickly becomes messy. Plus, these bookmarks are tied to only one computer. This is the old way.
There's a new way that doesn't use a browser. It uses a website. This is called a social bookmarking site, and the one we'll use today is called Delicious. It makes bookmarking more useful and fun.
We'll focus on three things: How to get started with bookmarking, how bookmarks are organized by tags, and why this kind of bookmarking is social.
First, go to to sign up for a free account. While you're signing up, you'll see an easy way to add a couple of buttons to your browser. These are important. The Tag button is how you'll add new bookmarks to the website. On any website, you can click Tag to save that site as a delicious bookmark. Easy!
Consider this example, you are a teacher who often uses the web to find math lessons for 8th graders. You're overwhelmed by all the sites. There are just too many to remember. Using delicious, remembering sites is as easy as tagging them. Here's one. Oh nice, perfect.
Here's what happens when you tag a site: a new window opens and asks for more information. You can add keywords or tags that describe the site. These will help you find bookmarks later. You might tag this site, algebra, bestof, tutorial, math, and homework, then click save to save it on the delicious website.
When you save a page like this, two things happen. First, the site is saved with all your other bookmarks on Second, the tags are saved in a list of all your tags. You just repeat this process for every site you want to save. This is bookmarking.
Let's fast forward two months to make our second point: Why tags are so important. Let's say you now have a hundred bookmarked sites. Chaos, right? Well, since your added tags, you have a way to sort the bookmarks by the tags you assigned.
To find all your sites about algebra, you click the algebra tag, and voila, one hundred becomes three. All your bookmarks are now more findable thanks to tags. But that's only part of the fun. Now, let's look at the social part of bookmarking to make our third point.
Think about your fellow teachers. Couldn't they benefit from seeing your bookmarks? Well, they can. Delicious bookmarks are public. This means your friends and peers can see your bookmarks and use your tags just like you. That's why this is called social bookmarking. Your bookmarks can benefit other people.
Think about it this way. You start bookmarking algebra sites, and your peers can see the interesting sites you find. Then, they start bookmarking too. Within a few weeks, a group of teachers are all bookmarking their favorite math websites, and because they're all public, everyone discovers new and relevant material.
Together you create a network that produces a steady stream of interesting and useful websites, all organized by tags on the delicious website. The lesson is that social bookmarking sites take a world of chaos and make it orderly.
Remember there are three steps to get started. First go to to sign up and add the buttons to your browser. Second, start bookmarking sites with tags. And third, be social. Notice how useful and fun other people's bookmarks can be.
I'm Lee LeFever, and this has been Social Bookmarking in Plain English.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Search Engine Friendly URL

You have developed a fully-functional dynamic website targeting latest trends, deals, discount offers and special service packages. From contents to the HTML codes and from keyword density and alt-tag optimization to browser compatibility, every aspect of your website is of the perfect class. With all the above mentioned features, each page of your website should be indexed in the search engines as soon as they make their debut to the World Wide Web. However, it does not happens. Instead of being indexed and appeared at the top rankings on the search results, all pages of your website get lost in the sphere of Internet.

Ever you wondered why this is happening to your website. You spill out all your frustration over your web development and marketing team. You find that none of them has solution for such grave problem and all of them have their own part of clarifications. Consequently, your website, i.e. your dream project loses its entire glaze and confronts severe losses. Such conditions occur, if your website and its pages do not have search engine friendly URLs. However, a minor change to the URLs of your website and its entire pages (i.e. converting unfriendly URLs into the search engine friendly URLs) would have stopped your site going down in rankings. This also would have indexed each and every page of your website in all search engines.

So, what is a search engine friendly URL?

There are two types of URLs:

  1. Dynamic URL: (Example -
  2. Static URL: (Example -
As both the examples are showing two different types of URLs. The Static URL is containing no special character except “-“and “.”

Whereas, the Dynamic URL is a URL that holds special characters within it. In the above mentioned example, the special characters used are “=”, “?”and “&”. And this is the factor that brings all paucity to your website.

It is a fact that except Google, no other search engine accepts the Special Characters within the URLs. It is also a fact that most of the dynamic websites automatically create Dynamic URLs for the sub-pages. Plus, this can put averse affect on your business as the search engine market is mainly dominated by Google and most of the users use Google to make any search over the Internet.

To convert a Dynamic URL into a Static URL is not a simple process at all. It is highly advisable that you hire the expert SEO professionals for carrying out this task and do not try to perform it on your own as even a single fault could jeopardize your website. We, at Ranking by SEO, have the competent expertise and a team of highly professional SEO experts, who claim to make your website a fruitful asset for you.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Website Content Optimization

Content is the key part of any website. Whatever website you consider, you will find that beside all other assets, content plays a major role in bringing your website on the top of the ranks. The website content is an important asset as the web-crawlers consider a website’s importance and relevancy on the basis of the content and the Meta Tags and their relation to significant keywords.

Content Optimization is the process in which the content of your website is reorganized and modified to enrich its quality, appeal and perceptibility from the search engine optimization and end users’ perspective. Successfully optimized webpage content is more focused on the basis of target audience; it ensures higher visibility of the important information; it facilitates easy accessibility and navigation; and it easy to understand by the search engine algorithms. Anyone who has good command over the English language can write a good piece of write-up. However, writing Keyword-rich web content is surely not a child’s play as a webpage content is consisting of specifically chosen keywords and even little misuse of them could spoil the value of your write-up.

Thus, hiring a professional content optimization service is highly recommendable. We, at Ranking by SEO, are a team of highly trained SEO professionals. Our team has all the relevant resources, techniques and skills which are required to bring your website in the top rankings, naturally. We prefer strategically designed content optimization service, which is capable of omitting all the errors and losing factors and enrich your webpage content to the extent that it gets ranking it deserves.

By adding relevant keywords in an appropriate density to your web page content and by formatting it according to the algorithms used by the web crawlers, we not only make you are article valuable but also improve its level according the search engine optimization.

Contact us today to:

  • Get higher natural rankings in the search results
  • Achieve a considerable edge over your competitors
  • Offer a better reading experience to your target audience

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Article Submission Services

Google loves uniquely written keyword rich fresh content – more you will generate those and use to promote your website, better it will be for your search engine ranking. Now, the question is - what would be the best the best format of content to use in SEO process? Well, we have studied a lot on this and seen article marketing as one of the most effectual ways. Wondering why? Let me explain you here.

Ever since the inception of search engine marketing content publication has been considered as one of the most effectual tools, because search engine always prefer webmasters publish uniquely written content that help people enhance their knowledgebase. Quality websites not just help you gain search engine ranking easily and faster; but it also brings you quality traffic to your website, and help it gaining links without any further effort.

For effective and long-term advantages, article submissions are performed through high authority directories which have strict editorial policy in approving content and prefer uniquely developed texts.

Our team of web copywriters develop keyword and information rich article and then our SEO professionals distribute those to wide range of high authority article directories to obtain maximum link juice.

Choose your suitable article submission packages among affordable options we have or for any assistance contact us through the query from today.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Anchor Text Optimization

Web content has two very straight purposes – one, to grab attention of the visitors of the website and give them a sales punch and second, to impress search engine crawler with original keyword rich content so to get its ranking consideration. If you have gone through some serious study of website optimization processes then you must have heard of the term “anchor text optimization”. Here, we will be clarifying how Ranking By SEO professionals can help you manage your online marketing campaign by effectively using this powerful optimization feature.

So, what is actually an Anchor Text?

Anchor texts are basically the visible hyperlinked texts on a page, which are used in backlink generation process. As example, please see the example below:

Ranking By SEO is a leading SEO consultancy in India, offering SEO services for over past 3 years.

Here, the phrases “SEO consultancy ” and “SEO services” are hyper linked to two different URLs; these two hyperlinked texts are called anchor text.

Anchor texts are absolute essential for every website; usually they are used to represent the subject of the page and to divert traffic to other pages of the website. For example, if a visitor landed on “SEO consultancy ” link then the anchor text will help him visit the SEO consultancy page of the website as well.

Besides the traffic diversion factor, there is another reason behind managing anchor texts smartly, which is to run your SEO campaign effectively by getting your website’s every page indexed and obtaining maximum link juice for your website.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Alt Tags Optimization

Another Essential Factor for On-page Optimization is Alt / Image Tags opmization.

Alt tag generally means the choice tag. It's the HTML tag that informs internet search engine exactly what the images are only for. Since search engines like Google cannot read text baked into images, so alt tag informs search engines like Google exactly what the images are only for. Additionally, alt tag is useful for aesthetically impaired people to know the goal of images. Images can make trouble for indexing an internet page but website with no image will end up uninviting and void. So while creating a website you can't only target search engines like Google however the outcome is going to be produced through site visitors. So that your website should be internet search engine friendly and it should be attractive to site visitors. In this situation, alt tag is the greatest choice to increase the beauty aimed at your website.

Alt Tags optimization tips

  • Use alt tag for those images and make certain to include best keyword inside your alt tag.
  • Use key phrases which are contained in title tag, meta tag and the body text.
  • Use 2-3 specific key phrases as opposed to the repeating key phrases.
  • Use plural key phrases in alt tag.
  • Alt tag shouldn't be lengthy and mustn't exceed a lot more than 7 words.
  • Don't make irrelevant alt tags which are distantly attached to images rather use key phrases that directly explain the pictures. For instance, if you sell mobile-parts as well as your image shows exactly the same your image title ought to be "mobile-parts.presen" rather than "software.presen."

Meta Tags Optimization

It's a tag within the HTML providing you with information inside a web document which is frequently utilized by internet search engine to index an internet page. The Meta tags are positioned towards the top of the HTML inside a website like a heading. Also these provide information like author, date of creation or latest update for that page and key phrases which indicate the topic matter. Two most significant Meta tags for internet search engine indexing would be the key phrases Meta tag and also the description Meta tag. People may take into account that Meta tag is paramount that provide good internet search engine ranking but it's not necessarily true but it's worth mentioning that some internet search engine use Meta data in ranking process too as with exhibiting the search engine results.

How to do Meta Tags optimization?

  • Meta data include title, description, key phrases, so utilization of Meta data must apply to your site.
  • Use specific keyword in description and stuffing of keyword result in penalty or prohibit of website.
  • Use important Keywords or Phrases in the pleading of description to be able to be observed by internet search engine even when they doesn't consider description portion for indexing.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Do You Need Social Bookmarking?

Mark Impala

Photo: Mark Impala

Imagine:  You write a new blog post or edit your website and with one click on your computer your article or web entry is spread all over the internet to each and every social media site or blog roll you ever registered before.
The more often a web page is submitted and tagged, the better chance it has of being found. Social bookmarking continues to grow in popularity, with the addition of many new Social Networking sites offering free (book) marketing services.

It takes a lot of time and effort to visit one Social Network after another and then bookmark all of your web pages using their individual systems. Social Bookmarking services are usually free to join, and are easy to use – but if you really want to maximize your use of them, you need a way to be able to bookmark your web pages as quickly and easily as possible. Here are two programs of many:
SocialBot V4.0
This Windows Program is easy to use and performs all of the mundane tasks that are involved in Social Bookmarking. In a nutshell, you enter a domain, SocialBot V4.0 spiders it and builds a list of web pages to bookmark and then it submits them to the Social Networking services you’ve got accounts with. At the present time, they support 54 of the most popular Social Bookmarking Services as well as unlimited scuttle sites.
SocialBot V5.0 is a Windows Utility Program that works on both Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is easy to use and it will perform all routine tasks involved in social bookmarking. All you have to do is enter your domain name our social bookmarking software will spider it and create a list of web pages that needs to be bookmarked and then submit it to the social bookmarking services you’ve got accounts with.
Social Bookmarking also provides a way for you to add FREE back links to your web pages that are eagerly crawled and picked up on by major search engines, which will lead to higher PR than ever before!
You can purchase SocialBot at a significant discount for just $29.95.
The Onlywire Free Trial includes 300 submissions and access to all the great features and functionality of Onlywire Pro including the use of Captcha Solver and Onlywire Analytics. There is no time limit, your Free Trial of OnlyWire will expire only after the use of your 300 free submissions. At that point, you may continue to enjoy all the benefits of OnlyWire by upgrading to one of the affordable premium plans.
Number of Submissions 1,000 Fee Per Month $ 10.00 + $0.05 per submission if you exceed your plan limit.
Includes User account, User Analytics and eMail Support
Submissions are measured as 1 post to 1 service. For example, 1 article submitted to Twitter. If you are using 50 services, a single article or post may use up 50 submissions. You need to go to each site to open an account.
The beauty of Social Bookmarking lies in how Social Networking sites aggregate your links in a central location, accessible to other users through the use of Tags (keywords) that you decide are appropriate and not a search engine!  Others in your community may rate your pages based on it’s quality and usefulness, which can create an endless cycle of traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Prior to starting a new business, knowing its competitors and analysing their activities vividly are considered as the smartest steps, and when it comes to an online business there is no exception.

A highly effective SEO campaign begins by having an evaluation of the primary competitors. Determining their page ranking and back links isn't enough. You'll need an in-depth analysis to find out how you can outperform them within the internet search engine results.

Our search engine optimization experts possess the understanding and also the abilities to recognize what terms your competitors are ranking for within the major search engines like Google.

Our professional SEO experts also consider your competitor's website deeply to discover what they're doing to attain the high ratings. We use several on the internet and self-propriety tools together with our many years of experience and understanding to produce a report detailing what you ought to cause by beating these web based competitors.

Our Competitor Analysis report reviews your 3 primary online rivals, and evolves a method for challenging their online presence.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Off Page Optimization Services

Once you done with the on page optimization part of your website, next you should pay attention on the off page optimization part. Off page optimization part consists of optimizing all the parts of a website that are considered by the search engines in giving ranking preference to a website.

The primary factor of offpage optimization is ‘Link Building ’. This segment of SEO is supposedly the complement of on page SEO. Most of the SEO experts define off page SEO as off site optimization, where all the SEO activities are done beyond the websites. Here the most important thing associated is obtaining as much possible getting quality backlinks for a website. The activities of getting links is done in several ways, among which some of the most important off page SEO activities include,-

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Blog Hosting
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Profile Links Creation
  • Link Wheel Creation
  • Blog Posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Link Building
  • Blog Commenting

In offpage optimization, the primary sources of external links include your own web logs or the auxiliary websites, directories, unsolicited links from other people's websites, link exchanges with related sites, forums and comments in Web logs.

According to the way Google algorithm works, it is always suggested to get links from high Page Rank or high domain and page authority websites and web pages. It is also better to get links from different kinds of sources, but one thing every professional should remember that internal repeating links within your own website are counted as well.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

HTML Optimization

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is a process by which a website is brought to the Top ranking in the results shown by the search engines. However, the fact that the Hyper Text Markup Language, or say, HTML plays an important role in bringing a website to the top is not widely known.

It is true that the visual and the operational part of a website is what mainly matters in bringing that particular website to the top position. But, it is really hard to deny the fact that badly written HTML codes and tags could stop the progress of any website on the search engines. Furthermore, to get the desired results over the search engines a website must be optimized on the HTML front too. As a professional SEO company, we understand the importance and need of HTML Optimization and provide you the right solution, so that you can get great results for your website and your business as well.

Wondering how? Read on…

In older times, including the well written Meta tags were sufficient to optimize a website so that it could become the number one and could achieve higher page ranks on almost all search engines. However later on, as the technology behind the search engine was improved, the drawbacks of just including a set of florid META tags came in the limelight as the unwanted or better say spammed search results. Now, the trend has been changed. The web-crawlers, clients, users and the service providers as well now understand that including a catchy META tag in a web page coding is not adequate for bringing a web page on the top. But it has become highly essential that all the HTML codes and tags are well mentioned, well placed and well optimized. This is a slow process, but the outcomes that we get are steady, lucrative, effective and long-lasting.

Though the HTML Optimization is a time consuming process, the team at Ranking By SEO don’t hesitate in dedicating time for optimizing your HTML codes in the right way so that it could flow in the right direction. We not only optimize the HTML tags but we also ensure that the codes on your website are W3C compliant. Our expert SEO professionals are well versed with all the latest trends of the HTML Optimization, which means that your website gets ongoing high ranking and your business remains ahead of the competition.

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