Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Anchor Text Optimization

Web content has two very straight purposes – one, to grab attention of the visitors of the website and give them a sales punch and second, to impress search engine crawler with original keyword rich content so to get its ranking consideration. If you have gone through some serious study of website optimization processes then you must have heard of the term “anchor text optimization”. Here, we will be clarifying how Ranking By SEO professionals can help you manage your online marketing campaign by effectively using this powerful optimization feature.

So, what is actually an Anchor Text?

Anchor texts are basically the visible hyperlinked texts on a page, which are used in backlink generation process. As example, please see the example below:

Ranking By SEO is a leading SEO consultancy in India, offering SEO services for over past 3 years.

Here, the phrases “SEO consultancy ” and “SEO services” are hyper linked to two different URLs; these two hyperlinked texts are called anchor text.

Anchor texts are absolute essential for every website; usually they are used to represent the subject of the page and to divert traffic to other pages of the website. For example, if a visitor landed on “SEO consultancy ” link then the anchor text will help him visit the SEO consultancy page of the website as well.

Besides the traffic diversion factor, there is another reason behind managing anchor texts smartly, which is to run your SEO campaign effectively by getting your website’s every page indexed and obtaining maximum link juice for your website.


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