Saturday, 22 December 2012

SEO Tools, Training and Certification for Internet Professionals

Learn how to make the most of our tools and practice time-tested search engine optimization methods used by SEO practitioners worldwide in our SEO training course. Then, confirm your knowledge of the SEOToolSet® and ethical SEO by earning yourSEOToolSet® Certification. In the end, you will have the search engine optimization training, SEO tools and certification you need to confidently practice SEO in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Easy-to-Use Parametric SEO Tools

Use our powerful set of search engine optimization tools to keep track of search engine rankings, dissect the current search engine algorithms and optimize websites effectively and ethically.

SEOToolSet Helps You:

  • Monitor the rankings of your website and its competition across all the major search engines or in specific engines.
  • See which search engines have not indexed individual pages so you can manually submit them.
  • Find targeted keywords for your site based on daily statistics.
  • Pinpoint the keyword densities you need on each page to boost your keyword rankings.
  • Analyze your competition’s inbound links.
  • Find relevant links for your website’s link campaign.
Get a 30 day money back guarantee to SEOToolSet® or subscribe online today!

Comprehensive SEOToolSet Training

Taught by instructors such as industry leader Bruce Clay, our three day training coursewill teach you how to help a website achieve top rankings across all the major search engines while maintaining a high visitor conversion rate.

SEOToolSet Training:

  • The same time-tested optimization methodology used by SEOToolSet®.
  • How to use targeted keywords in order to get higher conversion rates.
  • How to make your content appeal to search engines and people.
  • How to analyze your site as well as competitor sites.
  • How to ensure dynamic pages are indexed.
  • What not to do to avoid being penalized for search engine spam.
  • And much more!
Plus, our SEO training includes a free yearlong subscription to SEOToolSet®, so every participant leaves with both the SEO training, information and the SEO tools to begin performing effective search engine optimization.
Register online for SEOToolSet® Training today!

Ethical SEOToolSet Certification

Demonstrate that you have completed SEOToolSet® training, utilize advanced tools, and have a strong commitment to performing ethical search engine optimization with our SEOToolSet® Certification program. All Certified Analysts, Organizations and Partners must complete SEOToolSet® training, pass the certification exam, pledge to uphold the SEOToolSet® Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics and subject themselves to anti-spam audits.

Quality SEO Information

Keep on top of the latest search engine news and SEO techniques by subscribing to our monthly SEO newsletter or reading our blog. Or, if you are new to search engine optimization, browse our list of SEO articles, which include everything from search engine basics to advanced whitepapers on key algorithmic factors.


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