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SEM Basic Concepts Part 1 Promote Video, Images, And Audio Content

Google's "Universal Search" displays not only webpage content, but also often displays relevant listings for images, videos, local businesses, and audio clips near the top of the search engine results page.

Therefore, consider creating such type of content, appropriate to your business and then optimize the page such material is on so it is ranked high enough to appear right at the top of search engine result pages.
For example, if you were to get a top-ranking, informative video on YouTube ( that mentions your site, it could drive a lot of traffic to your site.
To learn how to optimize images or videos, do a search on Google for "optimizing images" or "optimizing videos." There’s a lot of free software that does this for you even if you have the very modest technical skills.

Linking Strategies

Links to your site from other sites drive additional traffic to your website.
Google (and most other major search engines) consider the number of incominglinks to your website ("link popularity") as an important indicator of how relevant your website is on the Internet. Hence, the more links to your website the higher your website will rank in the search engine result pages.
All incoming links to a web site are not treated as equal by Google and other search engines. Google has a measurement called PageRank that actually reflects the quantity and quality of incoming links.
Links from trusted, popular sites help your site rank higher than links from lower traffic sites. To find out how to build useful links to your website, especially those that are relevant to your website content, simply Google for “Link Building” or “Relevant Link Building” or similar key phrases there really is a ton of information available on the Internet.
Once you’ve found a website or Blogger’s content about link building strategies that makes sense to you, subscribe to their RSS feed and/or newsletter so that you will be constantly in touch with changes in their website content.
Do not forget to search You Tube for Link Building videos. There are a whole lot of excellent videos available, created by knowledgeable people who share their knowledge of appropriate link building freely.
Link building starts with understanding how to build links back to your website. Documenting techniques that make sense to you in perhaps an Excel spread sheet and then systematically applying those techniques to your website one by one.
Link your website to Google analytics and watch how the number of hits on your website begins to grow. This will clearly indicate that your link building techniques are paying off.

Submit Your Site To Key Directories

A link from a directory will help your page ranking in search engines and get you traffic. A search in Google for directories will throw up a ton. Do not select a directory to submit to at random or go by the marketing content they have on their website.
Check the directories page rank using Google tool bar. Install Google toolbar in Firefox and check. Choose only those directories to submit your website URL to that have a page of at least 5 and above.
A directory is not a search engine. It is a hierarchical listing of sites sorted according to category and subcategory.
Be sure to list your site in the free Open Directory Project (, overseen by volunteer editors. It is the largest human controlled directory in the Internet today.
If you don't get listed right away, don't be impatient and resubmit, or you'll go back to the end of the queue. A link in back to your website helps buildup your website traffic a lot.
Yahoo! Directory ( is another important directory.
Real human beings read the URL and description submissions made to Yahoo! directory. Please be careful to follow the URL and description submission instructions of Yahoo directory to the letter.
Take a little trouble when entering your site description. Create your website description in a word processor first, M.S. Word is an excellent example. Count the number of words in your description, most word processors will provide word count for a document. This will ensure that you are within the maximum number of words that Yahoo permits in a description.
NOTE: It would be a great idea to complete your website description using fewer words than Yahoo permits in a website description.
Read through the description you’ve written multiple times, delete repeated material.
Check to see if you can write the very same material using fewer words. If you can, do so. Often there’s a lot of unnecessary words used in a sentence, with exactly the same meaning being expressible in fewer words. Work hard to prevent Yahoo editors chopping your material.
Yahoo! Directory Submit ( requires a $299 annual recurring fee to have your site considered for inclusion within seven business days.
Other paid business directories that might help are and

Submit Your Site to Trade Organization Sites and Specialized Directories.

Some directories are focused on specific domains, such as education or marketing. If you already belong to trade associations that feature member directories, ask them for a link. Even if you have to pay something for a link from the organization, it could help boost your PageRank. Remember it’s the page to which the link is connected that goes up in value in search engine eyes.
Be aware of directories that constantly send you Email asking you to upgrade your listing with them for a fee. Unless a directory is widely used in your specific domain, be it education, marketing, real estate or whatever a premium ad is really a waste of money, but their free link will help boost your PageRank and in turn your search engine ranking.

Request Reciprocal Links.

Using Google search, locate websites that deliver content that is similar to your website or deliver website content that is supportive of your website content and request for a reciprocal link to your site.
Do create a special page on your website where you will display the reciprocal link to such websites. This page need not feature prominently on your website. This is to help ensure that visitors do no land on your website, switch to your links page and almost immediately exit your website.
Your best chance to get a reciprocal link will be from websites that generate a similar amount of traffic as your own site. High-traffic site webmasters are too busy to answer your requests for a link and don't have anything to gain by a link from your website. Hence, search for sites that have similar amounts of traffic as your own which would gain from the reciprocal links created.
Do check out Ken Evoy's free SiteSell Value Exchange (
  1. The site registers your site as willing to exchange links with other sites that have a similar theme/topic content
  2. Then searches for sites with similar topical content and provides this information to you
Two automated link building software programs stand out, they are:
Both of these search the web for complementary sites, help you maintain a link directory, and manage reciprocal links. Use these programs to identify complementary sites, but please do not to send impersonal, automated, repetitive, e-mail spam to site owners requesting reciprocal links.
When you locate sites, send a personal e-mail using the contact e-mail on the site or to the administrative contact listed in a Whois 
If e-mail doesn't get a response, try a phone call. If you do not get a positive response or you get a polite or rude brush off, simply move on to the next opportunity that you’ve identified.
NOTE: Only link to those websites whose material is complimentary to your website. One way Google determines the value of your site on the Internet is by checking who you link to and who links to you.
It's not just links, but quality links you seek. Reciprocal linking as hard, tedious work, but it doesn't cost you a dime out of pocket! Keep working at this continuously, a little bit at a time. Patience and persistence will get you some good links, so keep at it.


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