Friday, 1 February 2013

SEO Tutorial by Ustaad

Thesis will defer to certain minor SEO actions by the AIO SEO Pack… and the last version of Yoast SEO the herd reviewed does contain an emulation of that same “defer these items because this function is defined” — that being the AIO function — but from 1.6 onwards, Thesis and Yoast SEO are… incompatible is not quite the word… at odds with one another in certain areas. Importation of existing fields can be accomplished through PHPMyAdmin and mySQL fiddling, but while this works well enough for the lower-tier pack of AIO, Platinum, Headspace, and so it goes, it is not sufficient for Yoast-to-Thesis in this herd’s take.
So, we shall say “no” for the simple answer. With core hacking, the answer becomes “yes” or mostly yes. It remains to be seen as to whether the anticipated release of Thesis 2.0 will integrate with, or make unnecessary, the Yoast plugin. As an aside, any of the non-Yoast plugins are inferior to Thesis’ native control, making the answer to their use clear — dump them. The herd’s position at present is that Thesis 1.8.2, the current edition of Thesis at this time, is sufficient for the greater majority of humans who believe they can handle SEO.
Quite a lot of what the Yoast plugin offers is frankly beyond the comprehension of the masses… wish to edit .htaccess? Yes, easier with Yoast… but if you do not have a local restore point of an FTP or SSH-based htaccess file prior to your frolicking, in which case local editors are preferred to any interface — Yoast or Thesis or WordPress — keep those giddy digits of yours off htaccess, or woe unto you. Same for robots.txt, same for other of the better features in Yoast. This statement is, of course, not universal, but it is a consideration — if you cannot open the hood, think twice before remotely mucking about with airflow controls on your intake manifold.


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