Friday, 26 July 2013

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

Hi ! My visitor  How are you ? I hope good . I am fine . You will Create a Facebook fan page look at the post . I help you . Now I am telling How to create a Facebook fan page . I think it is a simple work . If you create a Facebook fan page you must be a Facebook

account . Facebook fan page with you add a like box in you Blog / Website  and you can get more more like in you blog . If create a facebook fan page

                           following the rules:

      1. First you go to facebook and log in your account .
      2. You go end of down in your facebook account . If you not understand look at the picture:

3. Now click on the " Create Page " and look at the picture:

4. Then you choice you Facebook fan page subject and name . Look  at the picture:

5. Box number 1 you write you page description and Box number 2 you write you Blog or Website ( If do ) . Then click on the " Save Info " . Look at the picture:

6. Now you click on the " Upload From Computer or Import form Website " and upload a picture . Now click on the Save Photo . If you not upload picture click on the Skip . Look at the picture:

 7. Then you click on the Skip . Now complete create Facebook fan page and you enjoy this . 
No more today . If you have a any problem ? Please tell me by comment . Thanks .


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